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With over 40,000 installations and over 25 years of market presence, PEPS is one of the leading CAD/CAM systems. With its user-friendly Windows interface and intuitive user guidance, PEPS enables the user to work pleasantly, productively and successfully after a short training period. Due to the simple operation and the high degree of automation, even complex projects can be realised in a very short time with PEPS. Thus, the use of PEPS contributes to an increase in efficiency of your company after a short training period.

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OPTICAM is a fully integrated plug-in for CAD/CAM systems. Programming is based directly on the created or imported 3D components. Due to the automatic feature recognition and the assignment of integrated technology data and strategies, OPTICAM offers a very high degree of automation and reduces the programming time to a few seconds.

After a short training period, a correct NC program can be created with little effort. The high flexibility of OPTICAM makes it possible to subsequently influence every detail.