The production of complex workpieces often requires methods that are developed specifically for these workpieces. In order to simplify the creation of NC programmes and thus optimally support the user, apic CAD/CAM Solutions develops additional modules for the PEPS CAD/CAM system for all areas of application. A selection of add-on modules that are used in various PEPS machining modules are described on this page. All PEPS add-on modules can be developed, adapted and extended to individual requirements in consultation with our customers.


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Detection of the smallest radius in a solid or surface element

Automatic detection of the smallest radius from a collection of lines/arcs. These were previously derived from a solid or surface element whose smallest radius is to be detected. The conversion of the 3D geometry into lines/arcs is done using already known procedures in PEPS.

apic Zusatzmodul: Kleinster Radius

All solids to 0

apic Zusatzmodul: Alle Solids auf Z0

Move all existing solid bodies with their lowest edge to the XY plane (“Z=0”).
In addition, it is possible to sort the solids by colour.

Application example: When creating erosion blocks, the imported geometries often lie at different positions in space. With the apic add-on module, the solid bodies are automatically placed on one plane with just a few clicks.

Reading in coordinates / measurement logs to create geometries

It is often necessary to read in different coordinates. (For example, to be able to read back measurement reports or NC data). The file format is irrelevant as long as the file is readable. On the basis of the coordinates read in, various geometry elements can be created in PEPS. (e.g. circles, rectangles or points).

apic Zusatzmodul:

Reading in start hole files to create drill groups

apic Zusatzmodule: Einlesen von Startlochbohrungsdateien

For production parts on which milling and/or drilling work must still be carried out before wire eroding, it is often advantageous to transfer the start hole drilling files from the PEPS machining module wire eroding to the PEPS machining module milling.

Since the number of start hole files is often very high, this apic add-on module offers the possibility of automatically reading all start hole files into the PEPS machining module Milling and creating them there.

Transferring starting hole coordinates

This additional module is used when starting holes are not only created by a starting hole machine but are also drilled. During the postprocessor run, an additional start hole file is created that only contains the coordinates of the start hole. This file can be read into the PEPS module Milling as a group. The output can be adapted to customer requirements.

apic Zusatzmodule: Übergeben von Startlochkoordinaten

Drill milling with lateral infeed (Heidenhain)

apic Zusatzmodule: Bohrfräsen mit seitlicher Zustellung

Based on cycle 208 of the Heidenhain control, this add-on module generates a parameterised drill milling with lateral infeed. In this way, large circular pockets can be created from small holes without producing residual material.