CNC program creation and simulation for turning and 2.5D milling.

Simple creation and simulation of CNC programs

CIMCO CNC-Calc is an add-on for CIMCO Edit that provides a simple and cost-effective solution for drawing 2D contours, creating toolpaths for turning and 2.5D milling and simulating the resulting NC program.

CNC-Calc also has a comprehensive set of functions that can handle more complex geometric drawings, such as importing geometries in DXF format and preparing them for machining.

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Features of CIMCO CNC-Calc

Prepare imported geometries

Import DXF files to prepare them for editing. Easily delete, move, duplicate, mirror elements and much more.

Increase productivity

Put an end to calculators and trigonometric tables. CNC-Calc provides a simple interface and functionality to get the job done faster.

Ideal for manufacturing

CNC-Calc is a helpful tool for CNC program creation and an ideal choice for companies that want to quickly implement simple CAD/CAM applications.

Functionalities of CIMCO CNC-Calc

Drawing contours with points, lines, arcs and splines. As well as transformations to move, rotate, scale, mirror and offset elements. Import of DXF files is also possible.

Create toolpaths for turning and 2.5D milling directly on the geometry with machining strategies such as facing, roughing, finishing, constant cutting, drilling and more.

CNC-Calc has its own tab in the user interface and is integrated with all the powerful features of CIMCO Edit, such as NC code machining and toolpath simulation.

Mill letters, numbers or true type fonts onto your workpiece. Adjust depth, feed rate, speed and spacing.

System requirements and downloads

All technical information and downloads for CIMCO CNC-Calc can be found in our downloads.


If you have any questions or problems with CIMCO CNC-Calc, please feel free to use our support.