CNC program processing and simulation.

Processing and simulation of CNC programs

CIMCO Edit has all the essential functions needed for NC program editing, including NC-specific functions, math, transformations, drag/drop editing and more.In addition, CIMCO Edit includes file comparison, a mill-turn backplotter, an advanced tool manager, an NC code wizard, and offers powerful add-ons for machine simulation, program management and more.

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Advantages of CIMCO Edit

Faster editing on the PC

CIMCO Edit allows you to work with NC programs on the PC, in a familiar Windows-based environment. NC code specific functions save time when working with NC programs.

Practice-oriented work

With CIMCO Edit, associated objects such as workpieces, tools and fixtures are defined directly in your NC programs to set them up in the simulation with one mouse click. Furthermore, operation structures can be generated for faster program navigation.

Error free code

Use code suggestions, syntax checks, error reports and 3D simulations to create error-free NC code and identify problematic toolpaths and tool movements.

Functionalities of CIMCO Edit

CIMCO Edit includes comprehensive editing tools such as line numbering, renumbering, character editing, XYZ range search, tool compensation, basic mathematical functions and much more.

Any M or G code can be highlighted, allowing the NC Wizard to recognize the code and change its values through an interactive interface. The desired values can be entered and automatically updated.

The NC program comparison identifies new, changed and deleted lines, but ignores format changes such as renumbering of blocks and distances. Differences are displayed line-by-line or on full, or printed side-by-side for offline review.

With CIMCO Edit, cycles and operations can be inserted and edited. Also included are integrated cycles and macros for program start and stop, tool change and much more.

Easy display and modification of tools in the NC program for quick tests and simulations. Tools can be imported from external systems. Own libraries can be created. A large number of predefined tools can also be used.

CIMCO Edit can be used to automate the creation of tools, the loading of geometries, the setting of working distances, the definition of blanks when starting simulations and much more.

Through CIMCO EDIT, the initial and current state of parameters in the NC program can be tracked while the simulation is running or after selecting specific lines.

System requirements and downloads

All technical information and downloads for CIMCO Edit can be found in our downloads.


If you have any questions or problems with CIMCO Edit, please contact our support.