Plug-in CAM solution for wire EDM in CAD systems.

Optimum integration into CAD systems

More than 20 years of practical experience in programming wire EDM machines have made the new CAD/CAM system OPTICAM the most modern solution.

OPTICAM is a fully integrated plug-in for CAD/CAM systems. Programming is based directly on the created or imported 3D components. Due to the automatic feature recognition and the assignment of integrated technology data and strategies, OPTICAM offers a very high degree of automation and
reduces the programming time to a few seconds. After a short training period, a correct NC program can be created with little effort. The high flexibility of OPTICAM makes it possible to subsequently influence every detail.


The OPTICAM Manager allows you to work easily and clearly in a familiar environment.

  • Full integration with CAD systems
  • User-friendly interface
  • Intuitive user guidance
  • Quick access to all information relevant to editing

CAD partner:

Through our partnership with renowned CAD manufacturers, we have access to very extensive CAD know-how. This allows us to further develop OPTICAM with the highest productivity in the interest of our customers.

Everything automatic. With OPTICAM, we have created a system
that automates NC program creation almost 100% and
and offers the user the possibility to intervene
to intervene individually in the details.

Feature recognition

The components are analysed, erodible geometries are recognised and their machining is created simultaneously. The tool paths are displayed graphically and follow a subsequent change of the component immediately, or can be manipulated afterwards. Surfaces that are too short are extended and surface gaps are bridged. To erode individual areas or create user-defined features, surfaces or edges can also be selected manually. Furthermore, integrated technologies and machining strategies can be directly assigned to the generated machining operations.

  • Direct, parametric machining on 3D surfaces and solid data
  • Graphical representation of the orbital displacement through direct model coupling
  • Manual feature creation
  • Transfer of feature information
  • Undercut control
  • Maximum conicity control

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Editing functions

Recognise and assign – In the sense of a quick solution

The correct editing functions are automatically assigned to the detected features.

  • Cylindrical machining
  • Rotary and variable taper also on cylindrical components
  • Controlled surface machining with automatic synchronisation
  • Angular slide machining
  • Collar machining
  • Pocket erosion
  • Variable reference height
  • Automatic wire threading and wire cutting
  • Oblique threading
  • Automatic positioning
  • Automatic grouping of identical geometries
  • Programming of multiple set-ups

In order to avoid manual interventions and machine downtime, an efficient clearing out of the geometries is often required without producing any failed parts. OPTICAM offers specially developed strategies for this:

  • Cylindrical and conical broaching
  • 4 Axes Sweeping of ruled surfaces *
  • Partial clearing out of partial areas of a geometry *

* These contents are optionally available

The optimal position of the starting holes is calculated automatically during feature recognition and can be changed manually afterwards. If starting hole geometries are already specified, they are taken into account. The type, number and position of the connection can also be determined automatically or manually. In this way, triangular and multi-point connections can also be realised with several starting holes.

With just a few commands, the strategy for approaching or moving away from the cutting contour can be determined or changed.

  • Straight, angled / curved and meander-shaped
  • Traversing of the cutting contour possible
  • Entry and exit technologies programmable

Within a machining operation, so-called event points can be set at which comments or machine commands such as M codes, G codes or any NC blocks can be inserted. Furthermore, individual machining operations can be divided into segments. For each segment, the number of cuts, the offset values, the approach and retract technologies or a clearing out of the part geometry can be determined separately.

Four variants of corner clearance make it possible to specifically influence the tool path in sharp-edged inner corners depending on the cut without changing the model. This is particularly helpful in the construction of cutting tools.

With the OPTICAM gear module, gears can also be created outside the standard. Profile offsets, tip and root rounding radii, adjusting tip and root circle diameters and creating gears via roller spacings or via the dimension of the teeth is possible.

The gear module is optionally available

Cut by cut to the optimum – for safe and efficient operation.


OPTICAM has all the machining strategies necessary for efficient and safe operation of wire EDM machines. All cuts are listed in the machining plan and can be changed subsequently.

  • Strategies for supervised and unsupervised day and night operation
  • Punching strategies
  • Pendulum cutting (finishing in the gap)
  • Automatic cutting off of the failed parts
  • Own machining strategies can be saved as machining templatesStrategies for supervised and unsupervised day and night operation
  • Punching strategies
  • Pendulum cutting (finishing in the gap)
  • Automatic cutting off of the failed parts
  • Own machining strategies can be saved as machining templates

Developing toolpaths is good – control is better.


A 3D simulation with material removal was integrated to reliably check the tool paths. In addition to the path displacement, clamping devices and the machine heads are also displayed.

  • Collision and demouldability check
  • Checking the maximum taper angle and UV deflection
  • Determination of the cutting time

For all makes and types – and for your specific requirements.

OPTICAM offers original technology databases for all common manufacturers. The user can either access the machine databases directly via interfaces, import the machine databases himself or is provided with an already converted database.

Always up-to-date – to manage your success.

OPTICAM is developed in close cooperation with renowned machine manufacturers and is constantly adapted to the latest wire EDM machine functions. High-quality machine adaptations and integrated technology databases are available for all makes and machine types.