PEPS additional modules

To support CAM programming.

Selection of additional modules available from PEPS

The SolidElectrode module enables the creation of electrodes, as well as the simulation of machining with collision control. In conjunction with a corresponding machine adaptation, NC programmes for die-sinking EDM machines can be generated.

  • Derive and archive 3D electrode geometries
  • Modification of electrode geometry
  • Assigning solid geometry of the electrode holder
  • Archiving electrode blanks
  • Automatic creation of a measuring frame with alignment surface
  • Storage of electrodes in CAMMAN database including additional information such as position, erosion depth, electrode ID number, undersize, measurement data, programme name, designation of roughing/smoothing electrode as well as any additional information
  • Automatic creation of a graphical set-up sheet

Convenient data management system for managing NC programmes, clamping devices and CAD data incl. SAP and ERP interfaces. The CAMMAN NC programme management facilitates access to existing data and enables the entry of extensive additional information such as drawing number, order number, project number, version number, customer, comment, date, programmer, processing machine as well as the programme release for DNC systems. File selection is supported by an integrated 3D graphics viewer. By using the NC programme, clamping device and drawing management, the design, NC programming and machine operators access a central database. This eliminates confusion and sources of error. Individual adaptations as well as the connection to already existing databases can be realised cost-effectively with CAMMAN.

The gear module can be used to calculate involute gears. The involute can be influenced by entering the profile shift, distance over rollers, dimension over teeth, tip and root circle diameter, as well as tip and root rounding radii. In addition, the gear module calculates all test dimensions.

  • Coordinate grinding cycles for bores
  • Roughing and finishing strategies
  • Plunge and longitudinal roughing cycle
  • Contour grinding with automatic calculation of C-axis positions and feed rate
  • Fully automatic calculation of collision-free C-axis positions and 3D simulation (optional in conjunction with SolidCut CAD)
  • Zero point shift
  • Multiple clamping