PEPS & OPTICAM training

On site, online or at apic.

Inhouse Training

More and more frequently, our customers request customer-specific training in their own company. (Inhouse Training) The advantages are on the one hand the possibility to train individually and on the other hand to be able to include current components and projects of the customers in the training. This makes it possible to train our customers in a very practical way.

As this type of training is requested more and more frequently, we are equipped with a mobile training center in such a way that customers only need to provide a room and a power supply for the training. We bring along an own highly equipped training laptop for each training participant. The training computers are integrated into a mobile network and equipped with special training software. Other utensils such as a large screen and the necessary writing materials are also provided by us.

Online Training

Online trainings offer the advantage of an individual training without travel and accommodation costs. We conduct online trainings according to your wishes using Microsoft Teams or TeamViewer.

Our trainer establishes a connection via the Internet to your computers on which PEPS or OPTICAM is installed and conducts the training with your employees. Please make sure that the necessary hardware and network requirements are met in your company and that we have access to your computers.

Trainings at apic

All training courses can be held in our training room in Cologne.

In order to use PEPS and OPTICAM efficiently and productively in your company, we offer training for all PEPS and OPTICAM products. apic offers basic training as well as update training and advanced training. The CAD/CAM trainings can take place individually or as a group training.