Version 2024

We would be happy to show you the new version in person.

New version 2024 available

General: Updated – CAD direct interfaces

Wire EDM: New – Additional offset for the connection

Wire EDM: New – Extending tool paths in machining

Wire EDM: New – GF UNIQUA Dynamic with new functions

Starthole: Updated – dialogs and postprocessors have been revised

Milling: Updated – deactivation of operations simplified

3D milling: Updated – blank creation simplified

3D and 5-axis milling: New – control of the corner tip height

3D and 5-axis milling: Updated – tool paths and plunge positions have been optimized

5-axis milling: New – Deburring asymmetrical edges

Milling – Simulation: Updated – Removal quality and simulation speed

CAMMAN 8.0: New – 64-bit interface specially developed for Windows 11 and PEPS 2024


We would be happy to demonstrate the new version to you in person. You can find all information about our CAD/CAM demos here:

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