With over 40,000 installations and over 25 years of market presence, PEPS is one of the leading CAD/CAM systems.

Increase the efficiency of your business

With its user-friendly Windows interface and intuitive user guidance, PEPS enables the user to work pleasantly, productively and successfully after a short training period. Due to the simple operation and the high degree of automation, even complex projects can be realised in a very short time with PEPS. Thus, the use of PEPS contributes to an increase in efficiency of your company after a short training period. PEPS CAD/CAM systems are used in mould and tool making, mechanical engineering, contract manufacturing and CNC sheet metal working. Due to its modular design, a PEPS CAD/CAM system can be configured in such a way that the requirements and wishes of the CAD/CAM programmer are taken into account in the system equipment. In addition to the individual PEPS machining modules, there are numerous apic additional modules and PEPS add-on modules that make programming with the PEPS CAD/CAM system easier for the user.