Workshop-oriented creation of CNC programs for 2.5D milling and multi-sided machining.

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Automation par excellence: Automatic feature recognition in the PEPS milling module. The basis is 3D CAD data, which is read in via direct interfaces or via neutral formats such as STEP or Parasolid. Your advantage: Complex parts are programmed very quickly and conveniently by linking machining schemes. The integrated color recognition ensures a clear assignment of the machining features.

Multiplane editing

The additional module Multi-Side Machining enables the programming of machines with 4 and 5 axes. In conjunction with MILL-Expert, the zero points are set automatically.

Multipoint processing

With multi-point machining, workpieces can be programmed quickly on different zero points. The part is programmed only once and can then be duplicated. The parts are machined with workpiece or with tool change optimization.

Tool database

• The tool database contains all tool information as well as tool and holder geometries
• ID-Number
• Material-dependent cutting data calculation
• Automatic update of cutting data in case of
Material change
• Magazine assignments can be saved
• Interfaces to external tool databases such as Zoller, Walter TDM and Datos

Roughing strategies

High speed roughing strategy
• Residual material processing
• Optimized face milling
• Plunge roughing
• Pocket milling, open or closed with any number of islands
• Immersion strategies spiral, with ramp or along the geometry
• Calculation of circumferential taper, top and bottom radius
and circumferential profile geometry on any contours

Finishing strategies

• High speed sizing strategy with permanent Z-feed
• Extensive radius correction variants
• Contour finishing with optimized approach/departure, with or without radius correction
• Overlap during retraction and extension
• Calculation of circumferential taper, top and bottom radius or any profiles
• Automatic residual material processing
• Chamfer milling
• Milling with projection on a sphere, cylinder or inclined plane
• Freehand milling and positioning
• Ruled surface milling
• Engraving of any fonts (True-Type Fonts) linear, circular, raised or recessed, incl. sharpening of the corners
• Technology change during contour machining
• Floating machining (synchronous/counter-rotating)