More power!

  • Over 70% time saving
  • Longer tool life
  • Less machine wear
  • Lower energy consumption


  • High Speed Machining Trochoidal HSC Roughing
  • Zigzag
  • Offset
  • Contour parallel
  • Residual material machining
  • Plunging strategies Contour-parallel spiral, direct or with ramp
  • Blank management
  • Automatic creation of a new blank at the end of a machining operation


  • Z- planes
  • Zigzag
  • Offset
  • Projection
  • Profile
  • Steep and flat areas
  • Spiral
  • Morphing (between two boundary contours)
  • Residual material machining

5 – axes simultaneous milling


Simultaneous and efficient

  • Multi-axis roughing
  • Adaptive fully automatic roughing
  • Calculation of collision-free tool paths
  • Calculation of entry, exit and connection paths


  • Gear hobbing with and without adjustment
  • Undercut machining
  • Form channel machining
  • Rotary machining
  • Conversion of 3 axes to 5 axes machining
  • Calculation of collision-free tool paths
PEPS machinekamer simulatie

Machine room simulation

The PEPS machine room simulation in the area of milling enables a very high-quality representation of the machining process. By displaying the complete machine room, machining processes are already simulated during programme creation, checked for collisions and optimised. This significantly increases machine runtimes and avoids costly collisions. In addition, the simulation can be saved. This means that it can also be presented on computers on which PEPS is not installed.

Simulation of several axes in real time
High-quality 3D representation including material removal
No loss of quality with enlarged details
High simulation speed
Fast simulation without tool display
Coloured residual material display
Coloured display of component violations
Checking of axis limits
Numerous tool path analysis functions