If you would like to convince yourself of PEPS or OPTICAM in a presentation, we would be pleased to arrange an appointment with you.

apic offers you the following possibilities for a CAD/CAM presentation.

CAD/CAM online presentation

We present PEPS or OPTICAM to you on the internet in an online session.
You can view our presentation on your computer and of course talk to our CAD/CAM technician during the demonstration and ask questions. You are also welcome to send us a CAD data set before the software presentation which we can include in the demonstration.

CAD/CAM presentation at your site

Our technician comes to your house and demonstrates PEPS or OPTICAM personally on our computer. If several people are taking part in the software presentation, we use a large screen for the demonstration. Of course we bring all the necessary utensils to the CAD/CAM demo. You can send us a CAD data set in advance which we can incorporate into the demonstration. We would be happy to visit your production facility at this time to find out about your product range and your machinery and to talk personally with your programmers about working with PEPS or OPTICAM in practice.

Of course, both types of software presentation are free of charge and non-binding for you.

You can reach us for an appointment at: