Laser cutting, water jet cutting, plasma cutting and punching/nibbling.


PEPS for 2-axis laser cutting, waterjet cutting, plasma cutting and punching/nibbling

The PEPS CAD/CAM software offers you effective NC programme creation for 2D sheet metal processing. Special emphasis is placed on a very high degree of automation when programming with the PEPS CAD/CAM software. The user can import CAD files from the existing CAD system or a customer’s CAD/CAM system into PEPS. If necessary, the CAD data can then be cleaned up using the repair functions available in PEPS. The fully automatic nesting module ensures optimal material utilisation. This contributes to immediate cost savings due to less waste.

Using predefined technologies and the associated parameters, the expert system integrated into the PEPS CAD/CAM system ensures fully automatic machining. The use of the PEPS Sheet Metal Processing module enables NC programme creation and machining simulation for machines from different manufacturers, including integrated order management. The possibility of setting predefined priorities in PEPS ensures that urgently needed parts are machined first despite full automation.

PEPS cluster nesting & random shape nesting

The semi-automatic or fully automatic nesting of individual parts on sheet metal panels is made possible by PEPS Cluster Nesting. The semi-automatic nesting supports the user with many functions to implement the interactive nesting of parts. With the automatic PEPS nesting, individual parts are placed on the sheet metal panel depending on various parameters. In order to achieve optimum material utilisation with as little waste as possible, the sheet sizes, the permitted angular steps for the rotation of the parts and also the distances between the parts can be output. The definition of filler parts enables efficient programming.


The PEPS PentaCut and TubeCut modules were specially developed for programming complex laser and waterjet cutting machines with up to 6 simultaneously controlled axes. PEPS gives priority to a high degree of automation. A fully automatic feature recognition is integrated in the PEPS CAD/CAM software. This means that the tool paths are generated fully automatically in PEPS. In order to provide the user with the desired flexibility, it is possible to change the machining proposal generated in PEPS to optimise the machining process.

PEPS PentaCut and PEPS TubeCut contain an integrated simulation including collision monitoring. This gives the user the possibility to check the machining process.

PEPS PentaCut: 5 axes simultaneous laser and waterjet cutting

• Automatic position calculation incl. transformation and rotation options for exact positioning of the workpiece on the machine table
• Fully automatic calculation of grid-shaped fixtures and clamping devices
• Fully automatic nesting of clamping devices
• Fully automatic recognition and machining of inner and outer edge curves
• Fully automatic and interactive influencing of the nozzle angle to avoid collisions
• Automatic machining optimisation incl. smoothing of tool paths
• Automatic technology selection from integrated technology database
• Definition of any change points within the machining process to influence the nozzle angle, cutting technology and micro-bridges

PEPS TubeCut: 6 axes simultaneous laser and waterjet cutting

• Fully automatic alignment of imported CAD data to the processing machine
• Fully automatic generation of machining
• Generation of regular and arbitrary pipe profiles
• Nesting of pipe geometries
• Fully automatic recognition and machining of inner and outer edge curves of pipes incl. control of rotary axes (workpiece pick-up in the rotary axis)

PEPS simulation

• Integrated 3D simulation taking into account the machine kinematics
• Fully automatic collision monitoring