CNC program creation for 2-axis turning and multi-axis turning.

Complete machining

•  Multi-channel programming
•  Machine cycle output
• Machine room simulation
• Collision check
•  Time calculation

PEPS offers an optimal solution for programming turning and milling machines by combining the turning and milling modules and the fully integrated machine room simulation. By displaying the complete machine room, machining processes are simulated and optimised in real time. To avoid input errors, the actual state of the component can be measured at any time during the simulation.


Multi-channel programming and machine room simulation
Main and counter spindle machining, simultaneous roughing with two tools, automatic synchronisation and collision control through the integrated 3D machine room simulation.

Machining routines such as longitudinal turning, facing and freehand turning are supplemented by machine cycle output for roughing, drilling, thread turning and drilling, recessing and tapping, which considerably shortens NC programs and simplifies subsequent optimisation.

The PEPS turning module offers the possibility to change the technology in various sub-areas of the geometry. This includes parameters such as feed rate, speed or the insertion of any M code and/or G command.

Variant programming for part families

With variant programming for part families, geometry and machining are created automatically. Fitting dimension production without geometry change The system’s internal ISO tolerance system calculates the nominal dimension-dependent tolerance centre; the CAD model is not changed by this.

Measuring the ACTUAL state
The part to be produced can be measured in the current simulation state in the machine room simulation.

Time calculation
The machining times are output per tool, including the main, rapid traverse and auxiliary times, in an Excel list.