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Latest functions of the wire EDM machines

The PEPS wire EDM module is developed in close cooperation with well-known manufacturers of wire EDM machines and is constantly adapted to the latest functions of wire EDM machines in order to meet the increasing demands on wire EDM. Thanks to its extensive functionality, PEPS is the market leader in this area and is recommended by many manufacturers for wire EDM.

Projection wizard for automatic generation of Z-constant geometries

Conical and cylindrical pocket erosion

Automatic wire threading and wire cutting and positioning

Automatic calculation of the start position including start hole output

Circumferential and variable taper

Controlled surface machining

Undercut control

Angular slide machining

Simulation incl. trajectory shift, demouldability and collision control

Automatic separation of the failed parts

Cutting air change

Variable reference height

Technology databases for all common machine types

Retract and retract technology

Complete machining strategies can be saved

Automatic creation of a graphic set-up sheet

PEPS technology databases for wire EDM

Original technology databases for programming with PEPS are available for all common manufacturers of wire EDM machines. The CAM user can either access the machine databases directly via interfaces, import the The CAM user can either access the machine databases directly via interfaces, import the machine databases into PEPS himself or receive an already converted database for the respective wire EDM machine.

Supported CNC controls of wire EDM machines

AC Cut 20/30/200/ 300/400


AC Fanuc

AC Orange










PEPS add-on modules for wire EDM

In order to achieve optimisation in all areas of wire EDM, PEPS offers a variety of additional modules. A selection of the most popular additional modules for wire EDM with PEPS can be found here.

The part failure protection automatically creates markings in the cutting plates. During the punching process, these marks prevent the punched part from sticking to the punch and damaging the cutting tool. This significantly increases the service life of cutting tools.

The projection at an angle enables the processing of variable reference heights. Thus, a circumferential cylindrical collar with constant height can be created on the workpiece. The conical area is calculated by PEPS and does not have to be already included in the construction of the 3D model.

PEPS offers the functionality to control additional rotary axes and thus multi-axis machining during wire cutting. Complex workpieces can thus be machined without restriction.

  • Maximum taper angle
  • Maximum accuracy
  • Maximum surface quality
  • Machining of one clamping

Control surface pocket erosion enables the machining of control surfaces without a drop-out part. The programming effort for wire eroding is thus significantly reduced and machining can be carried out unattended.

Partial pocket erosion enables the combination of normal roughing and pocket erosion. It prevents the formation of lost parts during roughing and thus enables unattended and trouble-free operation.

To improve the accuracy of fit between punches and dies, this PEPS macro changes or “manipulates” the radii contained in a geometry.

With partial contour machining, partial areas of a geometry can be machined with different qualities during wire EDM.

The PEPS Turning Steel Module calculates the geometry required for wire EDM of profile turning steels depending on the clamping angle, the frontal clearance angle and the lateral clearance angle on the turning steel.

PEPS zero contour machining is used for the production of industrial diamonds (PCD). Optionally, geometries can be automatically nested. Machining takes place on the specified geometry without radius correction.